Digital Marketing Services for Real Estate Professionals
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ai digital marketing services

personalize ai

Learn how to differentiate your ai systems so they reflect your writing style and business

web design

Create real estate websites unique to your business and brand designed to attract clients.

video content

Learn how to masterfully create more video content quickly.

video editing

Have your videos edited professionally + have us post everything for you.


Let usvmaximize your blog posts to create unique SEO friendly local content efficiently.

online ads

Get professional online marketing services at a discounted price.


Utilize the power of AI to create unforgettable emails that capitvate your clients and convert leads.

total marketing

Don't waste your time trying to hire a kid out of college - let Proxi.Marketing handle all your marketing efforts.

listing descriptions

Create the best listing descriptions in your market that sellers can't get enough of.

Show Off How Unique Your Brand Is

Digital marketing 
For every budget 
Provided Via Proxi

real estate marketing team with tablets and laptops
Custom AI Prompt Setups + Analysis

One on One 
AI Prompt Analysis 
With No Contracts

AI Coaching

Get an Individualized Module session with no contract and pay by the hour.
From $197

popular digital marketing packages

SocialSync Blog

30 Monthly Blog Posts
Written Like You
SEO Optimized
Posted to Facebook
Posted to Instagram
Posted to LinkedIn
Posted to Google Business

Propel Social Ads

15 Managed Meta Ads
15 Managed Google Display Ads
15 Managed Google PPC Ads
15 Managed YouTube Ads
15 Managed Bing Ads
Retargeting Pixel Setup
Landing Page Development