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    A great white shark swimming in the digital waters, symbolizing the Proxi.Marketing Velocity Website Design service, available at $697 per month.
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    Website Design – Velocity


    Introducing the Ultimate Real Estate Website Solution! Are you ready to catapult your real estate business into the digital stratosphere? Look no further than our groundbreaking Velocity Package, priced at an unbeatable $697 per month for the first 35 months. Here's an exclusive glimpse into what makes this the pinnacle of website services:
    1. Unrivaled Customization: With our Premium package, every aspect of your website is fully customizable to align seamlessly with your brand, ensuring your online presence is a true reflection of your unique identity.
    2. Endless Revisions: Embrace unlimited revisions and changes, allowing your website to evolve perpetually alongside your dynamic business needs. Whether it's frequent updates or entirely new pages, we're at your service. Better yet, a dedicated team member will be the person running your website build without you getting tossed around from person to person.
    3. Dedicated Upgrades: Our Proxi.Marketing team prioritizes your website's upgrades, ensuring you're at the forefront of the digital landscape, ready to outshine your competitors.
    4. Generous Email Package: Enjoy up to 25 custom domain email addresses included in your plan. Need more? Additional emails are billed at just $5 per month, offering you the flexibility to expand your communication channels.
    5. Post-35 Months: Beyond the initial 35 months, your investment drops to just $197 per month. This new phase not only maintains unlimited revisions but also assigns a dedicated support member to your account, ensuring your ongoing success.
    Don't let this unparalleled opportunity slip through your fingers. Elevate your real estate business to unprecedented heights with our Premium Real Estate Website Package from Proxi.Marketing. Transform your online presence into a true powerhouse – contact us today!