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    A dignified lion wearing glasses, symbolizing the Proxi.Marketing Eminence Total Marketing Plan, an ideal choice for those seeking to master online marketing at a monthly rate of $2197.
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    Total Marketing – Eminence


    Introducing the "Eminence Total Marketing" package - your all-inclusive solution for a thriving online presence, offering you a marketing powerhouse for your business at an unprecedented value. With the Eminence Total Marketing package, you'll receive a comprehensive suite of services that cover all your marketing needs:
    1. SocialSync (Valued at $397 per month): Elevate your online presence with unique blog posts distributed across your website and social media channels.
    2. Buzz Video Editing (Normally $1,797 per month): Experience the magic of 2 professionally edited social reels per day, shared on all your social media accounts.
    3. Boost Online Advertising (Usually $179 per month): Access the world of paid online advertising, harnessing its full potential for your business.
    4. Catalyst Website Design (Typically $179 per month): Give your website a total transformation, ensuring it's a powerful asset for your brand.
    5. Luminary Email Marketing (Valued at $97 per year): Unlock the true potential of email marketing with our expert strategies.
    6. Full Access to Proxi.Marketing CRM/Module Database (Usually $194 per month): Streamline your customer relationship management and learn everything that we know about maximizing the use of AI on your own time.
    Individually, these services would cost you  $2,790 per month. However, with Eminence Total Marketing, you can enjoy the full suite of professional marketing services for as little as $2,197 per month. This package is the equivalent of having a dedicated marketing professional working exclusively for your business, and it costs less than half of the industry standard. Imagine the possibilities and growth opportunities that await your business. Choose Eminence Total Marketing today, and experience a marketing revolution that's cost-effective and results-driven. There are no contracts to tie you down, and we back our promise with a 30-day refund policy. Join us for just $26,364 a year and watch your online presence skyrocket.