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    A chameleon holding a letter, symbolizing the Proxi.Marketing Quantum Email Marketing Plan, priced at $497 per year and featuring monthly emails about rates, market trends, local events, and more for your real estate business.
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    Email Marketing – Quantum


    Are you ready to supercharge your email marketing game? Look no further than the Quantum Email Marketing Plan by Proxi.Marketing, your key to achieving outstanding results in the world of email campaigns. This plan features 1 year of speciality curated emails as well as all the emails included in the Luminary Email Marketing Plan. Plan Highlights: 1. Expertly Crafted Emails: Our Luminary Email Marketing Plan includes 100 expertly crafted emails, each meticulously rewritten to match your writing style. These emails are designed to captivate your audience, whether they're potential buyers or sellers, and are optimized for maximum engagement. Our expert use of AI ensures they read as though they're sent by you but have all the important specifics of emails that convert. 2. Seamless CRM Integration: We understand the importance of smooth CRM integration. That's why our HTML emails are built to seamlessly integrate into almost any CRM system, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. 3. Drip Campaign Ready: These emails are perfect for drip campaigns, helping you nurture leads and maintain lasting connections with your customers. With our plan, you'll receive a well-structured sequence that guides you on the best timeline to send these emails out. 4. HTML Email Files: All 100 emails will be delivered to you in HTML file format, making it convenient for you to utilize them in your marketing endeavors. 5. CRM Upload Service: If you prefer to have these emails uploaded into a CRM other than a Proxi.Marketing CRM, we've got you covered. Our professional team can handle this for you, with a nominal fee of $95 per hour of service. 6. Comprehensive Documentation: To ensure you make the most of your email marketing strategy, we provide detailed documentation on the best timeline for sending these emails and the sequences that work best for various industries and goals. 7. Royalty Free Images: We love to jazz up our emails with cool, royalty-free images we find online! The only time you might want to tinker with anything is if you fancy swapping out one of those images. Plus, we make sure to pop your logo right at the top to give things a personal touch! With the Luminary Email Marketing Plan by Proxi.Marketing, you'll have the tools and expertise needed to stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Elevate your email marketing efforts, engage your audience, and drive exceptional results today. Included Drip Campaigns with Emails   Online Buyer Lead: Refers to individuals who have registered on a website or reached out through an online channel expressing interest in buying a property. Online Seller Lead: Pertains to sellers who have completed an online valuation form, expressed their intention to sell their home, or are considering listing it in the future. GeoProspecting: Targeting individuals on a long-term plan to sell their home, established through either cold calls or online marketing efforts. Expired Listings: Sending emails to maintain contact with leads whose previous interest may have expired, including emails aimed at showcasing your expertise as a professional. FSBO Listings: Crafting emails to capture the attention of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) property sellers. Sphere of Influence: Reaching out to individuals within your network who may not have initiated the buying or selling process but with whom you wish to maintain a connection. Past Sales: Staying in touch with clients to whom you have previously sold a house. In addition to the comprehensive features mentioned above, our Luminary Email Marketing Plan goes the extra mile to ensure your email marketing efforts are truly exceptional. Here are some additional benefits and services you can expect: Monthly Market Update Email: Stay ahead of the curve with our monthly market update email. We'll provide you with carefully curated data and insights to help you keep your audience informed about the latest trends and developments in the real estate market. This not only positions you as an industry expert but also keeps your clients and leads engaged and informed. Lending Update Email Monthly: In the ever-changing landscape of lending and finance, it's crucial to keep your clients informed about mortgage rates, loan options, and financial strategies. Our monthly lending update emails will help you provide valuable information to your audience, enhancing their trust in your expertise and strengthening your client-agent relationship. Monthly Local Events Email: Connect with your local community and demonstrate your commitment to the neighborhood by sending out monthly emails highlighting upcoming events, local news, and community happenings. Building these local connections can be a valuable asset in your real estate career. Monthly Highlight of Your Work Email: Showcasing your successful transactions and happy clients is a powerful way to build credibility and trust. Our monthly highlight email will feature your recent achievements, client testimonials, and the exceptional work you do in the real estate industry. With the addition of these monthly emails, you'll not only be supercharging your email marketing game but also creating a well-rounded communication strategy that keeps your audience engaged, informed, and excited to work with you. *This is a one time charge and non refundable. Monthly emails will be curated at the beginning of the month.